New Member - Membership and Finance

Finance and Subscriptions.
  • How Much:
    • The annual Harmony Federation membership subs are €275 payable at the start of the calender year.
    • For members who join after the start of year the subs are adjusted pro rata
  • IABS subscription:
    • To participate in IABS events,  you have to be a member of IABS, Harmony Federation handles this in 2 ways:
      • You add on the membership fee (€45) to the above subscription and Harmony Federation pays this on your behalf.
      • You pay this yourself directly or through another group.
Note!  You only have to pay IABS once even if you are in multiple groups
  • Payment
    • You can either pay in full, quarterly or monthly.  Most members set up a standing order.  Simply add up the amount owed and divide by your instalments. 
  • Bank Acct Details
    • Harmony Federation Bank account details (Iban and Bic) will be provided to you by our Finance Manager
Once you passed your audition, what to do day one:
  • Upon becoming a member you will be set up on the members area and will receive your User Name and Password to login as a member to our website:
  • On first time logging in you change your password, please do this immediately!!
  • If you forget your password just ask the members manager to reset it for you.
  • Login gives access to sheet music and teach tracks plus a lot more of the Harmony Federation Repertoire.
Harmony Federation Constitution
  • It is important that you familiarise yourself with the following documents: 
  1. Hfed Constitution.
  2. Hfeds Guideline Practices and Procedures.
Managed by: Gerard Corbett
As we are a performing group you will be required to dress appropriately to provide a uniform look to our group.  You may not need the Stage Outfit immediately,  however it is recommended to get the Walking out gear asap.  You will need:
  • Harmony Federation Walking out Outfit: 
    • This is a green polo t-shirt with the harmony federation Logo.   
    • You will need to purchase one of these from the Wardrobe Manager.
    • It is used for informal sing outs or where we are attending an event as a group.
    • The cost of the t-shire is approx. €25 approx. 
  • Harmony Federation Stage Outfit:
    • This is formal dress ware for performing in competitions or at other designated formal occasions.
    • This consists of 
      • Stage Dress Jacket, Green Dress Shirt and green Hanky: 
        • Harmony Federation rent their stage suit to the member for the duration of their membership.
        • There is one off rental cost for the suit of €60, the suit must be returned when the member leaves.
        • The member must also purchase the Green stage Shirt, this currently costs €28 approx.
      • Black Patent Shoes, Black Braces:
        • This is to be provided by the member themselves.   The Requirements  are:  
          • Shoes must be black patent - Important note these do not have to be expensive.  They are only used very occasionally. People have purchased these for as low as €30
          • Braces must be black and at least 1 inch wide.  No Markings or embroidery.  Metal bits should be silver in colour if possible.
        • Talk with our members they will show you where to get them at minimal cost.
  • ID Badge
    • When you purchase your Green Polo T-shirt your name will be embroidered upon it.
    • Please remember to ware your Harmony Federation Polo T-shirt to every rehearsal and out door event.
    • The name make it easy for other to remember you and you them.
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